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Ants are one of the smallest insects, but can be the biggest trouble for your home or office, and therefore overlooking ants at your premises may result in health problems for you and your family. Ants attract to sugary foods and get into and deteriorate them, consuming such food can trigger health problems, so if ever you find huge groups of ants in your home or business, taking essential measures is a good decision. Ants need to eradicate from the root, otherwise, they will appear over and over again, to this professional ants control is an effective way to eradicate such ants from roots. Zeel Pest Control holds expertise in ants control, serving home, office, and businesses since then years in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Zeel Ants control service consists of surveys, treatment, and aftercare, which means when you avail of our service, our team of experts visit your place to examine the level of infestation and accordingly offer the right treatment.

Upon approval from your side, our experienced team determines whether you are having an indoor or outdoor colony, once discovered, they apply ant baits and sprays in the perfect location. Further, they also apply ant control chemicals outside of the structure to pass on with the ants to their nest. The complete eradication of the ant may take several days or a month depending on the level of infestation, while the chemicals that we use are CIB approved and are safe for humans and the environment.

Why Zeel Pest Control for Ants Control Service

  • We are experienced and certified
  • We ensure complete eradication of ants
  • We deliver aftercare service
  • We use CIB approved chemicals
  • Our chemicals are safe for humans and the environment