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Bed bugs are one of the nocturnal insects who come out at night and feed human or mammal blood, and shelter or sleep in mattresses, cracks, or crevices of furniture during the day, making it hard to find for us. So if you found red spots on your body or are feeling itchy, the possibility is high that you are threatened by bed bugs. Treating this insect by yourself may kill the bed bugs but not eggs, and therefore if you want to eradicate bedbugs from the root, you need professional bed bug control treatment.

Zeel Pest Control is a certified and experienced bed bug control service provider, based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, providing effective bed bug control treatment using advanced chemicals and technology. On availing of our service, our team come to your place and check out the infestation, based on the level we recommend the treatment. We use vacuum technology to take out the pests and eggs from gaps, cracks, and crevices and collect them into a bag.

Followed by cleaning, bed bugs chemical is sprayed on all the likable areas of bedbugs to kill and prevent future infestation. The chemical used in this treatment is approved by CIB and is completely safe for you and your loved ones. The application of the chemical is repeated after fifteen days to kill the newly hatched bugs from the eggs and repeated as per the requirement.

Our advanced chemical guarantees complete eradication of the bed bugs after the completion of the treatment, and that makes us the most trusted bed bug control service provider in India. Our bed bug treatment service is available for home, office, hotels, theaters, lodges as well auditoriums.

Why Zeel Pest Control for Bed Bug Treatment

  • We use advanced chemicals to treat bed bugs
  • we use vacuum technology to drag out bugs and eggs
  • We use CIB approved chemicals
  • Our chemical is safe for every age of the person
  • We provide service at the time you are comfortable