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Cockroaches are one of the nocturnal pests whose existence is dangerous for human health because they transfer diseases through food. They multiply quickly and generally come out at night time, however, if you see them in a day too, it's an alarming sign of a high level of infestation which needs to be controlled the moment to protect you and your family. However, finding the stinking places and applying chemicals won't be pleasant work for you, and therefore Zeel Pest Control team is here to assist you. Zeel Pest Control is years old cockroach control service provider from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, providing effective cockroach control service to homes, hotels, and businesses.

Zeel Pest Control team uses advanced gel bait that is CIB approved and has no smell or fuss, which is easy to apply without emptying out premises. This highly potent gel is applied on every potential habitat of cockroaches, including cracks, crevices, hinges, electrical appliances, under the sink, and inside drawers, while the spray is applied to the places which are non-accessible.

Cockroaches eat this poisonous gel and die eventually, while some die by eating this poisoned roaches. The cycle repeated until complete eradication of the cockroaches from your premise. Our cockroach control service can be availed one time or can be availed in the yearly package, wherein our team visits your home quarterly to inspect and execute the process as per set standards. Our CIB approved gel ensures quick eradication of cockroaches at the same is safe for you and your family.

Why Zeel Pest Control for Cockroach Control Service

  • We use CIB approved gel
  • We have an experienced team to execute the operation
  • Our team is quick in service
  • The gel has no smell
  • Our gel is potent to killing cockroaches