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If your property is not termite-proof, you no need to worry, because you still can conceal it with a termite barrier by Zeel Pest Control post-construction termite treatment. No matter, the property is being used or not, we can provide you with the best quality termite treatment without hindering your activities. Upon availing of our post-construction termite treatment service, our team of experts visit your place for a thorough inspection to know the level of infestation and accordingly decide on a termite control method. We use drill fill seal technology, wherein a floor is drilled merely with a drill to inject chemicals and sealed to build up a strong chemical barrier to destroy the termites or protect them from termites. The same technology is used to apply termiticide on walls, floor junctions, wooden fixtures, and surrounding foundations based on the requirement. The termiticide being used in this process kills the termite slowly by attacking their nervous system, this way termites will be a carrier of these chemicals to their colony and thus entire colony will be affected by this chemical and destroyed.

The chemicals are CIB approved and safe for all ages of humans and nature, making it the most reliable approach to deal with termites. Our post-construction termite treatment service is available for all sizes of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings at the best price in the market.

Why Zeel Pest Control for Termite Control Service

  • We use oderless chemical for Termite Treatment service
  • We operate in the fastest and safest way
  • Our termite solution is effective, safe, and economical
  • Our termite solution keep you free from termite for the years
  • We provide pre-construction and post-construction termite control