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Termite can become trouble for you, if not treated well!! They only can survive under darkness, and that's the reason they are hard to find with barred eyes, making it difficult for you to spot them. Moreover, they breed in millions at once, making it troublesome for you and your family to deal with, and therefore while you have thought about termites in your home or doubt about termites, contacting a certified termite control service provider the moment is the only effective way to save your home and assets from damage.

Zeel Pest is a certified termite control service provider from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, available for residential as well as commercial termite control treatment all across Ahmedabad. Once you avail of our service, our team visits your home, inspects, detects, and executes the treatment using the termite solution. This termite solution is absolutely safe for children, pets, pregnant women, and persons with allergies.

We apply this solution using the drill fill seal technology to build up a chemical barrier for the post-construction termite control treatment, while in pre-construction the solution is sprayed at plinth level to build a barrier. This termite solution kills the termite to the roots and also protects the property from potential termite infestation in the future.

We have a team of trained and skilled professionals, who visit your home at your convenient time and execute the process in the shortest possible time. Be it home or office, we take utmost care of all assets inside throughout the treatment.

Why Zeel Pest Termite Control Service

  • We use oderless chemical for termite control services
  • We operate in the fastest and safest way
  • Our termite solution is effective, safe, and economical
  • Our termite solution keep you free from termite for the years
  • We provide pre-construction and post-construction termite control